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June 01, 2006

Tale of Two Emails
EMAIL 1: Since I'm on the Republican National Committee's email list, I routinely receive messages from them and, just as routinely, I ignore them. But last week, one message caught my attention. The email, written under the signature of RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, warned that if Democrats were in charge, gasoline prices would soar to $3.75 per gallon. A couple excerpts with emphasis added by yours truly:

Democrats have consistently stood in the way of lower energy prices for American families. Whether it's higher taxes, more regulation, blocking new exploration, or opposing the conservation measures in last year's energy bill, Democrats in control of Congress would mean higher prices at the pump . . .

. . . When it comes to gas prices, Americans have a choice between President Bush's four-point plan for lowering prices at the pump, or liberal Democrats who consistently choose higher taxes, more regulations, and more dependence on foreign oil over safe exploration within our borders

Apparently, Mehlman doesn't follow the news.

Or he's a hypocrite.


Because a few days before the RNC mass emailed this message, the Republican-majority House of Representatives voted to retain the ban on offshore oil and natural gas drilling, which includes the Outer Continental Shelf. (Oops, I forgot to mention one little fact: geologists estimate that the Outer Continental Shelf contains a supply of oil that rivals Saudi reserves. And there's a whole bunch -- that's a geological term -- of natural gas, too.)

So by this vote, House Republicans demonstrate that they too, to paraphrase Mehlman, favor "blocking new exploration" resulting in "more dependence on foreign oil over safe exploration within our borders."

The mind boggles.

If someone knows why Republican officeholders believe the key to reelection is acting like a goddamned Democrat, please email me.

EMAIL 2: In the many years I've been wasting time on the Internet, I've never received an email from any Democrat organization -- until today. In my inbox this morning was a mass emailing from Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campagin Committee (DCCC). (Now I know how Dracula feels when he sees a crucifix.) Anyhoo, take a Pepcid before reading this excerpt:

As Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), I'm writing you today to bring you on board with the campaign for a Democratic Congress at a pivotal moment. As the official campaign arm of the Democratic House Members of Congress, the DCCC is the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to support Democratic House candidates every step of the way through this critical election year.

In short, the DCCC helps our party's candidates get elected so we can enact positive, progressive policies that benefit all Americans, not just a select few ...

This election, it will be Democrats who set the tone forcing Republicans to frantically spend millions of dollars to defend themselves. It will be Democrats who go on to Republican turf and make them fight for their political lives - and it's been because of supporters like you.

Supporters like me, eh? Maybe it was time for Mr. Emanuel and his League of Extraordinary Socialists to hear from this particular "supporter." My reply:

I don't appreciate receiving unsolicited email from a gaggle of traitorous Democrats. (Yes, that's correct, I'm questioning your patriotism -- and with good reason.) Remove my email address from your mailing list.

In less than two minutes, I received this one-word reply from the DCCC:


No refutation. No "How dare you?" No "You're an asshole!"

Just an innocuous "Done."

Apparently the folks at the DCCC aren't offended by the truth.

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