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November 03, 2004

Conventional Wisdom Takes It On The Chin
Conventional wisdom has held that a large voter turnout is bad for Republicans.

Yesterday that notion was put on ice. Permanently.

In one of the largest turnouts ever, voters reelected the president and expanded his party's majorities in the House and Senate. Not since 1936 has this happened.

Taken as a whole, America kicked the Democratic Party between the legs. Hard.

And this comes as no surprise. Since John Kerry's nomination, the actions of his campaign and surrogates -- the DNC, MoveOn, The Media Fund, Michael Moore, the Communist Party USA etc. -- betrayed desperation. A presidential campaign with a chance of winning does not ...

... imply that the president was an accomplice-after-the-fact to the 9/11 attacks

... accuse the president of being an agent for the Saudi royal family

... vandalize, burglarize and fire guns at the president's campaign offices

... accuse the president of being a cokehead

... insist that the president's wife has never held a "real job."

... conspire with a news network to forge military documents

... conspire with a major newspaper to report false accusations about missing explosives

... give crack cocaine to drug addicts for filing phony voter registrations

... make plans to falsely accuse opponents of racial intimdiation

... imply that the president caused a paralyzed actor's death

... maintain that paralyzed people will "walk again" should the president lose

... suggest that people will riot if the president wins

... pass out campaign buttons which label the president and vice president the "Axis of Evil"

And that's just a small sampling.

John Kerry never had a chance of winning this election. It was over the moment he stood before the Democratic National Convention, gave a sloppy salute and announced, "John Kerry reporting for duty." It was contrived. It was fake. It was stupid. That saluting stunt was to Kerry what "The Scream" was to Howard Dean.

By dispatching John Kerry's candidacy, a majority of Americans demonstrated their commitment to the expansion of freedom at home and abroad. To put it another way, the fire of the Reagan Revolution burns brighter than ever.

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