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October 05, 2004

Commies For Kerry
The Communist Party USA is strongly urging its merry band of Marxists to support John Kerry for president. Comrade Sam Webb explains his endorsement of Kerry on the CPUSA website:

... a victory by Kerry and the broad democratic movement that supports him would be a body blow to the extreme right, bring some relief on bread and butter issues, and lift the siege on our nation's constitution.

It also would create a much more favorable political terrain on which the people's movement could struggle for its agenda, beginning with an end to the occupation of Iraq.

Thus the stakes are high, and what adds to the drama is that the electorate is so divided that the outcome will depend on which campaign is able to turn out the biggest vote.

Given these circumstances, what should be the role of left and progressive people?

It is not to parse every word, vet every speech, and scrutinize every statement of Kerry. Nor is it to damn Kerry with faint praise. Rather its main task, as I see it, is to bring into sharper focus the differences in the two lines of policy represented by Kerry and Bush, to delineate the vastly improved political playing field that a Kerry victory would bring, and, above all, to become involved in the grassroots efforts to mobilize the vote.

In so doing, the left will help voters gain an understanding of the bigger picture, extend the practical efforts to reach the electorate, and enhance its connections to the main democratic organizations - connections which are critical to post-election struggles.

Notice that phrase "enhance its connections to the main democratic organizations." Not "establish" but "enhance." In other words, the Communists believe they've already infiltrated the Democratic Party and, through Kerry's election, hope to "enhance" that "connection." Given Kerry's checkered history of playing footsies with communist regimes -- both as an anti-Vietnam protestor and as a senator -- the Communists would undoubtedly achieve an enhanced status in Democratic circles under a Kerry administration.

A few thoughts on this...

... If John Kerry is the war hero and the champion of the American military that he claims to be, then there's not a snowball's chance the commies would endorse him.

... Will John Kerry be asked to denounce this endorsement? Will the liberal press even report it? (It's a sure bet that if a wacko fringe group embodying a homicidal political philosophy endorsed Bush, it would be the lead story in the New York Times and on CBS Evening News.)

... What's it say about a presidential candidate when his candidacy is enthusiastically endorsed by card-carrying communists?

... And how funny is it that the Communist Party website has a shopping link where they sell items that denounce the very economic system which let's them freely sell stuff?

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