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October 22, 2003

Albright "Not Good" For America
Madeleine "Not At" Albright, Clinton's secretary of state, was shooting her mouth off again last week undermining America's war on terrorist nations. Nothing new about that. But this time she was in France hawking her pompously titled autobiography "Madam Secretary".

Memo to Madeleine: It's cute and all that you're the first woman secretary of State. Beyond that, no one really cares.

In an interview with a French television network, Albright carped, "It's difficult to be in France and criticise my government. But I'm doing so because Bush and the people working for him have a foreign policy that is not good for America, not good for the world."

Is Albright suggesting that Clinton's foreign policy was good for the people who were at work in the WTC and the Pentagon on September 11th? Was it good for the passengers aboard the four hijacked airliners?

Here's a foreign policy and defense record that Albright apparently deems good:

* Gutting the defense and CIA budgets
* Supporting the Kyoto Treaty
* Barely retaliating when Saddam attempted to assassinate former President Bush
* Not retaliating when state-sponsored Islamist terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993
* Blaming talk radio for the OKC bombing and ignoring credible reports that agents of Iraq were involved with McVeigh and Nichols
* Looking the other way as China stole America's most sensitive nuclear secrets
* Accepting campaign contributions from China
* Helping North Korea in building nuclear power plants in exchange for Pyongyang's obviously false assurances that it would abandon efforts to acquire nuclear weapons
* Subordinating American troops to UN command in Somalia
* Changing the American mission in Somalia from humanitarian to nation-building without providing the resources to implement the new policy
* Refusing three offers to hand over Osama bin Laden to the U.S.
* Doing nothing when Islamist terrorists bombed two American embassies in Africa
* Repeatedly allowing Saddam to circumvent the terms of the Persian Gulf War surrender
* Appeasing PLO sludgemeister Arafat
* Ordering cruise missile attacks on innocent people in The Sudan and ob deserted terrorist training camps in Afghanistan to divert attention from domestic scandal and quietly paying reparations to the Sudanese.
* Forcibly taking Elian Gonzalez from his Florida relatives and shipping him back to Darth Castro's island concentration camp.
* Doing nothing when state-sponsored Islamist terrorists bombed American troops at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia
* Doing nothing when state-sponsored Islamist terrorists bombed the USS Cole
* There are plenty more examples but I have a limited bandwidth here.

That's the kind of foreign policy record one expects from a president who had the audacity to dismissively tell the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee that "no one cares about foreign policy."

Bill Clinton's foreign policy, which Albright implemented, is a monument to carelessness. And yet Albright sees no problem with labeling Bush's foreign policy record--substantially dismantling al-Qaeda, liberating Iraq, liberating Afghanistan, assembling a large coalition of nations to fight state-sponsored terrorism and, most recently, gaining unanimous Security Council support for Iraqi reconstruction--as not good for the world. Either Albright has a twisted sense of good and bad or she'll say anything to sell that shitty book.

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