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May 31, 2005

The Many Faces of Newsweek
An emailer suggests that accusing Newsweek of treason is "a bit much."

A bit much of what, though? The truth?

If anyone doubts Newsweek's anti-U.S. agenda, they should peruse the newsmagazine's foreign editions. As noted on The Riding Sun -- a blog by an American living in Japan -- the cover of the February 2nd issue of Newsweek's Japanese edition bears the headline, "The day America died." The cover photograph shows an American flag stuffed into garbage-filled, back alley trash can.

The Riding Sun's Gaijinbiker then notes:

The equivalent international edition of Newsweek, the January 31 issue, featured a picture of Bush on the cover, with the caption "America Leads ... But is Anyone Following?"

Both of the above editions featured a cover-story article by Andrew Moravcsik, titled "Dream on, America". (This was translated into Japanese as "Yume no kuni Amerika ga kuchihateru toki", which is even harsher; it means, roughly, "America, the dream country, is rotting away".) According to Newsweek itself, the article described "the world's rejection of the American way of life."

Moravcsik's article did not run in the American edition of that same issue. The cover was also a bit different. It featured Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, with the title "Oscar Confidential"

So, during wartime, Newsweek led with the Oscars in its U.S. edition while cheerfully proclaiming to the rest of the world that America is dead.

And labeling this treason is "a bit much?"

There's only one surprise about this. It must have never occurred to Newsweek's dumbass editors that the Information Superhighway Patrol -- the bloggers -- would reveal these foreign Newsweek editions to American readers. Thanks to Gaijinbiker, Instapundit, Lileks, LGF and many other bloggers, Newsweek's anti-U.S. agenda is exposed.

That Newsweek is biased against the United States isn't the issue. Bias, as I've written before, is a great thing. The issue is that Newsweek is concealing its true mission -- subverting America's war on terror -- from its legion of American readers.

At least the commies at The Nation have the balls to be upfront with their readers -- all 17 of them -- about that magazine's treasonous mission.

  • B. Sides @ 6:10 AM
  • May 30, 2005

    Memorial Day
    I want to live forever; the only way that one could possibly achieve it in this day and age is to live on in those you have affected. I want to carve out a niche for myself in the history books. I want to be remembered for the things I accomplished. I sometimes dream of being a soldier in a war. In this war I am helping to liberate people from oppression. In the end there is a big parade and a monument built to immortalize us in stone ...

    I guess what I want most of all is to be a part of the real world, not an entertainer. I want to have an essential role in the big picture. I want adventure, challenge, danger, and most of all I don't want to be behind a counter or desk. Maybe when I am a 100 years old I will slow down and relax. Till then, I have better things to do.

    -- High school senior Michael Carlson, from from his "credo paper," May 11, 2000. Last January, Sergeant Carlson was killed in Iraq.

    They are what General Marshall called "our secret weapon--the best damn kids in the world." Where do we find them? Where do we find such men? And the answer came almost as quickly as I'd asked the question. Where we've always found them in this country--in the farms, in the shops, in the stores, in the offices. They just are the product of the freeest society the world has ever known.
    -- Ronald Reagan, 1984

    ... let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.
    -- Abraham Lincoln, 1865

  • B. Sides @ 8:51 AM
  • May 18, 2005

    Flushing Newsweek
    Damn it.

    Leave it to the mendacious leftists at the Washington Post Group and its Newsweek subsidiary to interrupt my blogging hiatus.

    Oh well ...

    Let's pretend for a moment that Newsweek's Koran-Flushed-Down-A-Guantanamo-Shitter scoop is true. Does flushing an object down a toilet merit ink in any publication other than American Standard's newsletter? Of course not.

    Seemingly blaming his source rather than his own judgment, Newsweek's Michael Isikoff claims that his Defense Department source for this story was reliable. Of course, this is the same thing Dan Rather said about his MemoGate source, Super Loon Bill Burkett.

    Again, pretending that the allegation is true and that Isikoff's source was truly reliable, why would Newsweek be so anxious to break this now-retracted story? After all, leftists in the press have a long history of cheering local, state and national government efforts to suppress the free exercise of religion.

    A court-ordered dismantling of a manger scene or forbidding a high school student from saying "God Bless" on a school broadcast is every bit as offensive to devout Christians as flushing the Koran is to devout Muslims. Yet, the pinkos at Newsweek condone the former while gleefully presenting the latter -- an entirely false allegation that the U.S. government committed an act offensive to Muslims -- as a major scandal.

    And here's why. By greenlighting this story, the Vietnam-on-the-brain editors at Newsweek sought to vilify the American military sufficiently to provoke a violent reaction in the Muslim world. Such a reaction, they hoped, would undermine America's war on terrorism and translate into a major political defeat for President Bush.

    The fact that the Koran/Gitmo allegation is false is now irrelevant. The damage, as planned, is done.

    At least 17 people are dead and American lives are at greater risk now because Newsweek editors decided that the best way to defeat President Bush politically was to assist our terrorist enemies in their war on United States -- all under the guise of reporting news.

    How can this be anything other than treason?

  • B. Sides @ 11:04 AM
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